The Beyblade is Round, Anything Can Happen.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Defeating the Earth Wheel!

Have any of you been losing to this Bey?

Be it be Earth Virgo, Bull or Aquario 85/90/100 WD. This is still largely considered as one of the best customized Stamina bey. Strong? Yes. Will it lose? Definitely!


The Flame Wheel with 90WD!

Which I have been calling it as the Earth Killer. 

There are 2 sharp points in a Flame wheel that will collide with the gap which is located on all four corners of the Earth wheel. Resulting it to be slowing down the spin of the Earth wheel, but does it slow itself down? Yes, but not as much compared to the Earth wheel.

As you can see, the four corners of the Earth wheel are separated pieces thus making the wheel to off balance and relying on the outer layers to hold it's balance. On the other side the Flame wheel is a once piece wheel, the center gravity of the Flame wheel is on the inside. When ever it gets hit or recoiled away, it will not wobble as much as the Earth wheel.

But still, I still quote BeyGen SG. 
The Beyblade is Round, Anything can Happen.

Both Bladers can have the same Beys, but user problem still applies. You can copy all the beys in the world, but do you know how to really use it? It doesn't really rely on just launching it, it's the technique that matters.

Enjoy blading Bladers! Till next time.

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