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Monday, 16 May 2011

Beyblade Review: BB-109 "Super Rare" Beat Lynx TH170 WD

This time it's..... Beat Lynx TH170 WD the super rare from Metal Fight Beyblade Random Booster Vol.7! 

You guys must be thinking, what the hell is TH170? 

Parts list:

Lynx Clear Face, Lynx Clear Wheel, Poly Carbonate Switch Wheel
Beat Metal Wheel, TH170 (Triple Height 170) and lastly the WD (Wide Defense)

Beat Lynx is another bey like, BB-105 Big Bang Pegasis that consists of the Poly Carbonate wheel switch wheel that allows you to change modes.

Attack Mode:

This is the mode where the "ears" of the Beat metal wheel is exposed, allowing the metal wheel to unleash an high recoil attack due to the grooves and flat edges at the side of the "ears". If you launch the metal wheel into a flower shaped pattern, chances of you executing an upper to your opponent is rather high due to the design of the "ears".
Defense Mode:

In this mode, the "ears" of the Beat metal wheel is concealed allowing an all round defense.
The new and exclusive part for this bey is the track TH170 (Triple Height 170), it's sort of an upgrade form to CH120 (Change Height 120).

Which variables to:


The default height, which is said to destabilize tall beys like Flame Byxis 230WD. 


At this height, which is almost similar to 195. I would say that these 2 height will be the best to execute an upper to any bey that is using the 230 track.


I couldn't judge the good or bad points about Beat Lynx. The hollow shell of the Beat metal wheel doesn't really fancy me, if you are playing attack with this wheel. You get high recoils, but you probably will get knocked out due to your own recoils. Defense mode isn't really useful since the bey is almost rounded once you changed it to defense mode, which is almost like the Grand wheel that has almost no function. I wouldn't judge a bey without any customization to it.

But do you think that there will be a Cancer TH170 in the future? 

 Anyways, enjoy blading while you still can!



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