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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Beyblade Review: BB-108 L-Drago Destroy F:S

L Drago Destroy F:S is the 3rd beyblade from the 4D series. 

Is it good or is it bad? Well....

Destroy L Drago is the inner skeleton of Meteor L Drago (You'll understand if you read the manga).

The skeleton is larger than the flesh? lol

It still retains the basic functions of the previous L Drago (Not including the Pre-HWS) including it's mode change and the absorb ability from Meteor L Drago. 

Absorb Mode:

The rubber part of the Destroy wheel is exposed thus allowing the bey to "steal" spin from it's opponent if it's a right spinning one. Very useful if your customization for L Drago Destroy is a low stamina type.

Attack Mode:

This mode covers up the rubber part which now provides more attacking power, the plastic part of the Destroy wheel is now exposed. L Drago Destroy is sought to be attacking by brute force and due to it's weight, it doesn't get knocked out easily too.

F:S (Final Survive)

Another type of fusion bottom, which is a direct opposite of the F:D (Final Drive) which is from BB-105 Big Bang Pegasis which I have reviewed earlier.

When the bey is at it's maximum velocity, the sharp portion of the F:S is retracted allowing the flat part to touch the surface allowing the bey to be in attacking mode.

The springs in the F:S will start to erect the sharp portion when the bey is at a lower velocity which changes the bey from attack to stamina mode. Which very effective for most left spinning bey because of the "steal" spin ability. Which is a plus for Destroy since it has an "absorb" mode.

Compared to it's predecessors, this is my favorite L Drago.

Video Review:

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